"Playing dress-up begins at the age of five and never truly ends."

SOHA brings individuality to the clothes that women and children wear. SOHA’s pieces feature hand printed, painted, embroidered, dyed and textured fabrics from artisans across South-East Asia. Bringing these pieces to you ensures that these ancient arts are honoured and the skills that have been passed on for centuries are not forgotten. The apex of my vision is of course that these pieces become loved and cherished by the women and children who choose to wear them and by the individuals who receive them.

"Shazia, know that your clothes for me are reminiscent of days when a child felt their clothes belied their idiosyncratic personality and so they 'took off' into their day armed in a dress to seize the adventure that lay ahead. Mom and dad enjoyed knowing they aided in their (child's) quest. The dresses bring promise and magic to the wearer and pride to the bestower." Susan Toth, Concord MA